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Message From Binary Code

You are taking part in an Escape Room challenge designed specifically for programmers. In your efforts to find a clue, you've found a binary code written on the wall behind a vase, and realized that it must be an encrypted message. After some thought, your first guess is that each consecutive 8 bits of the code stand for the character with the corresponding extended ASCII code.

Assuming that your hunch is correct, decode the message.


For code = "010010000110010101101100011011000110111100100001", the output should be

message_from_binary_code(code) = "Hello!"

The first 8 characters of the code are 01001000, which is 72 in the binary numeral system. 72 stands for H in the ASCII-table, so the first letter is H. Other letters can be obtained in the same manner.


  • [input] string code

    A string, the encrypted message consisting of characters '0' and '1'.

    Guaranteed constraints:0 < code.length < 800.


def message_from_binary_code(code):
    return ''.join([chr(int(code[i:i+8], 2)) for i in range(0, len(code), 8)])

function messageFromBinaryCode(code) {
  return code
    .map((char) => String.fromCharCode(parseInt(char, 2)))


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